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We at RKS Distribution offer you a lawn edge trimmer in a class of its own.

Our lawn edge boy.

With the support of a standard cordless screwdriver, even heavily overgrown lawn edges are cut with ease.

We offer our lawn edge trimmer made of the highly wear-resistant material Hardox 500.

Lawn edger boy - In use

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We produce our lawn edgers in Germany

Our lawn edgers are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

All suppliers come from our immediate vicinity. In our workshop we build, tinker and screw for all it's worth to guarantee you the highest quality of our products.

Rely on quality workmanship "Made in Germany".

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Spare parts for your lawn edger

Our lawn edgers are made of high-quality materials and are very durable.

However, if something should wear out on your Lawn Edger Boy, we offer you various spare parts.